Dec 27, 2018

Print Only 2019 Reading Challenge

Hello my cozy friends

I have become addicted to entering these challenges thanks to a couple of my cozy friends!

This one is run by As Told by Tina  Print Only Challenge 2019 Reading Challenge.
The picture is property of Tina and indicates I’m part of this challenge.
It’s easy and straightforward: physical books only, but they can be yours, borrowed or gifts, as long as they are a physical book.   Dust off some of your books and read them.

I’m going for the 10+ Out of Print, since I received 10 paperbacks for christmas from my lovely Lindi-Lou.  I have more in a TBR pile so ...


1-10 – Out Of Print
11-20 – 1st Edition
21-30 – 2nd Printing
31- 40 – Signed Edition
41+ – Collector’s Edition

My books:
  1. Copycat Killing - Sofie Kelly
  2. Botched 4 Murder - JC Eaton
  3. Glitter Bomb - Laura Childs
  4. Sleight of Paw - Sofie Kelly
  5. Staged 4 Murder - JC Eaton
  6. Curiosity Thrilled the Cat - Sofie Kelly
  7. Death at First Sight - Lena Gregory
  8. Ditched 4 Murder - JC Eaton
  9. Yule Be Dead - Lorraine Bartlett 
  10. Dead, Bath, and Beyond - Lorraine Bartlett
Thank you for stopping by and visiting my little blog!
I always love reading comments and getting to know my fellow cozy lovers.


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