Dec 24, 2018

An Apple a Day Can't Keep the Murder Away

Hello my cozy friends.

Earlier this month I had an opportunity through Booksprout, to receive an advance copy of Apple Die by Chelsea Thomas.

Publication Date:  December 26, 2018 
Amazon Digital Services LLC    
Paperback 184 pages
Genre - Cozy Mystery

An Apple a Day Can't Keep the Murder Away

When Chelsea Thomas was left at the altar, she moved home to live on the family orchard with her quirky aunt, Miss May. All Chelsea wanted was hot cocoa and apple pie. 

Then she found a dead body. Face down in her favorite stream.

Now she’s in the middle of a murder investigation, and a killer is on the loose in her quaint small town.

Miss May is a former New York City lawyer, so she thinks she and Chelsea can catch the criminal on their own.

Local business owner Teeny is nosy, opinionated, and convinced the murder was inspired by her favorite British mystery series. 

And Chelsea is caught up in the amateur investigation, a timid Watson on her first case.

Will the stress of the amateur sleuthing be enough to break Chelsea for good? Or will it be exactly what she needs to get over her ex, and learn to be happy? 

Most importantly, will this rag-tag crew find the killer before he strikes again?

You’ll love this cozy because it’s clean, it has lots of comedy and the murder keeps you guessing until the end. 

This book does not contain bad language or graphic violence. But it does include a cute tiny horse named See-Saw! 

Apple Die is Book 1 in the Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Series.  Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited 

When Chelsea Thomas was left at the altar, she was left with nothing.  Her quirky Aunt May comes and takes her to live on the family apple orchard.  Then she found a dead body!  Now she’s in the middle of a murder investigation, and a killer is on the loose in her quaint small town.

I must admit I had trouble at first getting into this book, not sure if it was because its written in first person or the chapters on Chelsea being left at alter didn't flow.  But once Miss May came, the story flowed and I became invested in the quirky characters and the story. Although it is a short read, I was able to read it in a few short hours I found the characters were well-written, had strong female protagonists . It’s set in a small, close-knit town and orchard.  I did suspect who the killer was, but I wasn’t sure of the hows and whys of it until the end.  I already feel like Miss May, Teeny and Chelsea are old friends and cannot wait to read book two in the series..

My Rating

Chelsea Thomas is technically two people... Married writing team Chelsea and Matthew Thomas. 
Chelsea and Matt have spent the last 9 years living in Los Angeles, where they have worked as screenwriters. There, they have worked with such companies as CBS, SONY, and Nickelodeon. Now, with the completion of their first cozy mystery novel, Apple Die, they are proud to say that they are authors, too.                                                                                     When asked who would enjoy this mystery they replied?   People who like quick, clean, cozy mysteries will like our apple orchard cozy mystery series. These books have strong female protagonists, a mystery you can follow along with, and no violence or bad language. They're great for the beach, the pool, or to curl up with by the fire. A cozy escape for any environment! 
Chelsea and Matt love to surprise their subscribers with surprises and rewards, so don't forget to sign up for Thomas Tuesdays HERE

Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and Booksprout, and my opinions are my own. 

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