Jan 5, 2019

Photo Backdrops update

Hi my crafty peeps!!

As you may have noticed I haven't been keeping up with my crafty blog posts as much as I use to, but I have not forgotten you.  I really wanted to improve my photos and other aspects of my blog so I have been researching a few things as well as spending time with family and reading.

When I originally typed this up in 2017 I only had purchased the Cowboy Studio Table Top Photo Studio Light Tent Kit from Amazon, which is the perfect set up for retailers/bloggers wanting to professionalize their website with high quality photographs. The product is also ideal for anyone who wants to get a high quality shots without lots of hassle. This set includes everything you need to photography small products, with all the equipment inside one carry case, it is very easy to carry out and set up.

Here, the system uses 5100k daylight bulbs to give your shots the perfect look. The most impressive part of this set is the design of the soft tent, softens and reflects lighting for soft result, also eliminates the glare and hot spot. Opening up is a perfect photo box, folds down into a compact carry case. 

I was on You-tube looking for videos and watched a video by Janet Wakeland where she describes almost the same idea as above but dug into the types of inexpensive things you can use as backdrops for your photos.  I am glad that she recommends exactly what I already purchased. 
But since then I did purchase a Mini Portable Folding Lightbox Studio with lED light!  I must admit I haven't tried it yet as I usually place on the wood stairs outside in sunshine.

Thank you for stopping by my little blog.   



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