Jan 2, 2019

Money, Murder, and #HBL

Hello my cozy friends.

After Christmas I was given the opportunity through Booksprout, to receive an advance copy of Cooking the Books by Chelsea Thomas.

Publication Date:  January 2, 2019 
Amazon Digital Services LLC    
Paperback 243 pages
Genre - Cozy Mystery

Money, Murder, and Hashbrown Lasagna. This Cozy Kills.

When the sleazy town 'wealth manager' turns up dead at Pine Grove’s annual Winter Festival,
there are more questions than answers. Everyone in town got swindled by the wealth manager.
But who had the most motive to kill?

Chelsea and Miss May investigate. Determined to find the killer before it’s too late.
Hunky Detective Wayne Hudson gets in their way. Just like he always does. But then a beloved family friend becomes suspect number one and the tension mounts.

Can our girls solve the mystery before their family friend takes the fall?   Or will their friend go to prison for a murder he didn’t commit?
Cooking the Books is Book 2 in the Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Series.  Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited 

When the sleazy town 'wealth manager' turns up dead at Pine Grove’s annual Winter Festival, there are more questions than answers. Once again Chelsea stumbles across a dead body, in this case its Charles Fitz.

Over half of the town has a motive for killing Charles, including Miss May and her friend, Tom Gigley. It’s clear that Chelsea and Miss May with help from Teeny must solve another murder.

This is the second in the Apple Orchard Mystery series. I really enjoy the main characters and their interactions with each other had me laughing a couple times.  I love the relationship that Chelsea and her Aunt May have with each other and find it to be very realistic. The new characters, introduced in this book were just as quirky and true to a rural small town.

The plot is very good it pulled me in right away and moves at a steady pace.  I can imagine the character coming to life in my mind as if I was really there.  There is one character named Petey whom Teeny teases for being a dropout, just the way the author is entwining him into the story makes me feel like he could become an intrinsic part of the next book.

I thought I had identified the killer early in the book but as I read on there were red herrings galore that I second guessed myself. When the murderer was finally revealed was partially right.

I highly recommend this series to all my fellow cozy mystery lovers. For those that don’t read books in order, you could read on its own but for a complete backstory on the protagonist I recommend reading book one first. I can't wait to read Candy Apple Killer Book 3 in the series.

My Rating

Chelsea Thomas is technically two people... Married writing team Chelsea and Matthew Thomas. 
Chelsea and Matt have spent the last 9 years living in Los Angeles, where they have worked as screenwriters. There, they have worked with such companies as CBS, SONY, and Nickelodeon. Now, with the completion of their first cozy mystery novel, Apple Die, they are proud to say that they are authors, too.  Chelsea and Matt love to surprise their subscribers with surprises and rewards, so don't forget to sign up for Thomas Tuesdays HERE                                                                                  
Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and Booksprout, and my opinions are my own. 

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  1. Sometimes, especially during the busy holidays, a cozy book is just what you need. It can be read quickly and takes little thought. Pure enjoyment.

  2. I do enjoy cozies myself. Sometimes life and books as well can get altogether too serious.


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