May 5, 2019

Sunday Tips and Inspiration

Saving Paper—Cutting and inside mat.

Whenever I’m layering a full sheet of paper over another full sheet, I like to cut out the part that would otherwise be wasted underneath, so I can save it for another use. I tend to save this trick for full pieces of paper, but you can use it or any size if you like to save all sizes of scraps.

  1. Position the paper about 1” from the cutting line. I use the outside edge of my trimmer as a guide. Start your cut about 1” down from the top of the paper.
  2. Cut almost the entire length of the paper, stopping about 1” before the bottom edge.
  3. Remove the paper and rotate it clockwise 45 degrees (1/4 turn) Repeat step #1 & #2. Your new cut should start where your previous cut ended.
  4. End your cut 1” from the bottom edge. Continue rotating the paper 1/4 turn until you have cut all 4 sides.

Now you can use these pieces that would normally be under your card front for another project.

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