May 19, 2019

Family Fun Victoria Long Weekend

Hello friends,

I just spent the last few days in my hometown of Vernon, BC for my Auntie Sally's and my mums birthdays.  It was so fun seeing my aunt as had been 3 years since I went to UK to see her.

We went to a Book Warehouse that has 1000's of books for $1 or 50 cents naturally I was in heaven and had to hold back from buying tons of books.  I ended up with 8 so that's not too bad.

We had my uncle Jon, his wife and my cousin Sarah come by for dinner and looking over old photos of the Manchester clan from before I was born. It would be great to have a huge family reunion one day but we are spread out from UK, NZ, AUS and USA as well as here in Canada.

I managed to read 3 books over the weekend, one each way on the 7 hour journey and one in the evenings.

Hope everyone else had a great Victoria Day long weekend!

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