May 20, 2019

Hitches, Hideouts, & Homicides by Tonya Kappes

Hello my cozy friends,

This is the 7th installment in Camper & Criminals series by Tonya Kappes. I was happy to return to “Normal, Kentucky” and Happy Trails campground. Every time I read one of these books it makes me want to visit Kentucky and the Daniel Boone National Park.
Length: 221 pages
Published:  (May 28, 2019)
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Everyone in Normal is excited for the Hoe Down to celebrate the opening of the new Old Train Station motel grand opening. 

The evening comes to an abrupt end when a lightning storm knocks out all the power. At least, that's what appears to have knocked out the electricity. But things aren't always as they appear.

Mae West has a way of sticking her nose where it doesn't belong and finds herself in a dangerous situation when she finds a treasure map that leads to more than just treasure. . . a dead body!

This was another one I couldn't put down until I read the last page. The previous owner of the Old Train Station motel is murdered and there are so many suspects to choose from, most tied to a previous bank robbery, that may or may not have happened. Mae with the help of the Laundry Club ladies are going to figure out who the killer is...

Its full of personality, non-stop action, and plot twists which keeps you interested till the very end. 
I thought I had identified the killer early in the book but as I read on there were some red herrings and just when thought I had it all figured out, there were some really big twists. 

I cant wait for the eighth installment in this series, I highly recommend this to cozy lovers.

I requested and received an Advance Reader Copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my OWN.

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