Nov 23, 2018

The UPS Man revisited

The doorbell rings, blankets, remote and iPad go flying across the room.  Lindi and I look around and are like - WTF is going on!  Phones ringing, doorbells ringing and now dog barking all at the same time, causing a big racket, startling me to death.

Naturally my first instinct is to go for the door as it could be the UPS, Amazon, or the Mailman with more packages for me!

Poor UPS man every-time he comes I am in my pajamas does not seem to matter what time of day it is.  He is probably thinking man this lady sleeps a lot or is a slob.

Hopefully a few more packages (Books, Christmas party dress) should be arriving before I leave for sunnier shores, but I have trusty house-sitters to look after everything while I am away.  

Really who doesn't like HAPPY MAIL!



  1. Hahaha!! My postal delivery person once asked me if I worked night shifts as I always seem to answer the door in my housecoat.

    1. I know it's quite funny, I never would have answered for in pj's hill 6 years ago. Now they are my uniform

  2. Had a giggle reading this. I know my daughter well and can see this image in my mind.


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