Nov 9, 2018

Cozy Mysteries

Hello friends,

As you will have seen my little blog took a hiatus and taken a few turns.  Besides crafting and my health journey I have started to get back into reading mysteries, my first love since about age of 5.

I am helping on a Facebook group called "Cozy Mystery Book Corner" where we post about books we like as well as monthly book discussions.  It is a great community of readers and authors, much like our crafting community.

With this said I am learning to do more in depth book reviews, as the authors really need us to do them, even if you just say Loved it! 

I am now following a few cozy mystery blogs that are fun and diverse:  

Kim bakes her way through books . She posts recipes from your favorite books, along with yummy looking pictures and videos of her creations.  I always leave her site with one or two recipes bookmarked to try in the future. For those in the United States she always has great Giveaways

The Cozy Chicks blog is created by a team of cozy mystery authors (Lorraine Bartlett, Duffy Brown, Mary Kennedy, Maggie Sefton, and Karen Rose Smith) and provides fresh content daily.  It goes beyond the books and the authors give you a sneak peek into their world.

This is a site created by cozy mystery authors for the readers and the first one I signed up for. 
If you are a fan of cozies that feature food, this is the blog for you.  It features authors who have recipes as a part of their books, and they take us into their kitchen and cook up the goodies right along with you.

A fellow Canadian and Karen! A personal blog of writer Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three. 
Put the kettle on, grab your favorite tea cup & saucer, pick up a cozy and join her...  
Karen is a writer, crafter, cozy mystery & tea lover. Enjoy!

Snuggle up with your fur-baby, a hot cup of tea and a Cozy Mystery - best couple of hours you can spend. 

P.S. Please share. with your friends and leave me a comment below. I read them ALL!


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