Apr 15, 2020

What Holds Us Together by Sandi Ward

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Today I am reviewing “What Holds Us Together” by Sandi Ward. First off the cover is what got me to take a chance on reading this book and I wasn’t disappointed. If you enjoy heartfelt books about family, love, and loss then you will enjoy this book.

They say that cats don’t like change. But Luna, an imaginative tabby, understands that sometimes it’s necessary. When her owner, Annika, moved back to her small New England hometown six months ago along with her sixteen-year-old twins, Luna knew it was for the best. Ever since Annika’s husband, Peter, died suddenly, the family has been floundering. Luna, too, is guilt-ridden, sure she could have done more to save her favorite person. Luna also knows something the others don’t know. Peter’s spirit is still with them, and Luna believes there is something he needs her help to do . . .

Annika has been struggling to move on. It doesn’t help that her son, Donovan, blames her for his father’s death. Peter always told Annika that they had the best love story going, yet the fact is that much of their story has been hidden away, even from their children. When Annika’s first love, Sam, arrives to plow them out during an intensifying storm, the truth begins to emerge at last. And Luna—watchful and unwavering in her affection—may be her family’s best hope of learning how to forgive and to heal . . .

Their furbaby Luna helps the family through their loss of husband/father and holds them together while they process their grief and heal. Luna tells the story of his death through her eyes and how it affected the family as well as her own feelings of guilt.

I found it to be told with care and respect for what a family of teens go through after a parents death. Having lost my father as an adult I can only imagine the pain of losing one as a teen.

I requested and received an Advanced Readers Copy from Kensington Books and NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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