Dec 27, 2015

GOALS 2016

Hello my crafty peeps!

I have been thinking a mulling over what goals I want to acheive for 2016, I dont mean resolutions that barely ever come to fruitation but actual GOALS!  At this point I have been struggling for 3 years with depression over being chronically ill, not being able to work or function mentally like I did before and the BIG one no faith that I could ever live the life that I saw in my dreams.

Hubby and friends have been trying to help me get out of this rut or bump in the road by helping me be creative, healthy and just social again.   I visited Leonie Dawson's website and read the reviews all over the web, I liked that she encourages her learners to really focus on what they do best (aka the talents and gifts we were born with) to help the world be a better place.

With this in mind I have asked hubby if I can get the "THE SHINING YEAR BIZ BUNDLE"  for $89cdn works out to about $100 with shipping if you want the printed books....

There also is her "Shining Biz + Life Academy"  which has awesome resources for $140usd a month for 4 months.... another decision I need to make.

Courtesy of Pinterest & Leonie Dawson

Update: Later that night we did order me the bundle and I can't wait to share my results for 2016, trust me it will include lots of creative inspiration.  This in mind I am now considering taking the Creative Goddess E-Course  6 weeks to cure your creative blocks + start creating prolifically!

Hugs, Karen

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