Jun 13, 2014

Designing a Craft Room

On this rainy Friday 13th, I am sitting here wondering how I could design my craft room in the basement.  I will need to do it fairly inexpensively but want it to be functional and very organized.

I have seen Fabulous craft rooms online like Mary's on Stamp in Pretty.

Currently the space is not being used for anything but has a couch and tv, I am hoping we can move those upstairs to the loft and we can have a little TV room in there again.

I would love to have a cabinet section along the back wall, with counter.  I love to do a lot of my stamping standing up.  I have a lovely big desk from Ikea with a glass top which will need to go in the space and I have a bunch of the Recollections cubes from Michaels.   In my dreams it is so similar to Mary's room but I know realistically that wont happen.

For now I can have the fun of picking out paint colours and begging friends to help me paint, then having hubby move all the furniture as I wont be able to do much of that aspect with my illness.

I am thinking I would like a soft white on most of the walls and then an accent wall in a pale teal or something.  Love the Shabby Chic look, was also thinking about making some bunting to put on one of the walls as a decoration.  Hopefully hubby will let me hang things on the walls or have some floating shelves.

When I go on Pinterest, I can spend hours looking at storage ideas and other crafts. Makes for a great distraction pinning rather than actually making anything.

I hope to have pictures of my Craft room journey soon but for now here is a photo of the basement and my messy room in the loft.

Have a great day!  Hugs Karen

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