Dec 5, 2022

Through the Liquor Glass by Sarah Fox

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Today I am reviewing "Through the Liquor Glass" the 5th instalment in the "A Literary Pub" Mystery series by Sarah Fox.  I love both of Sarah’s Cozy Mystery series but Sadie and Shady Creek hold a special place in my heart as I like the whole concept of a Literary Pub.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah this summer as she lives in my hometown,  she is as likeable as her main characters and I wish her nothing but the best in her new series “A True Confections Mystery”
Fall is in full swing in the picturesque New England town of Shady Creek, Vermont, and Sadie Coleman, owner of the literary-themed Inkwell pub, is serving up delicious food and drinks with a side of sleuthing in the latest Literary Pub Mystery from USA Today bestselling author Sarah Fox…

Autumn brings a wonderland of color and atmosphere to Vermont. As the last leaves fall from the trees, the town is gearing up for a new festival: A Taste of Shady Creek. Pub proprietor Sadie Coleman is looking forward to visitors coming to sample her literary-themed cocktails. She’s a little more wary about her mother’s impending first visit. What if her mom doesn’t like Sadie’s adopted town—or her new boyfriend, Grayson Blake?
Those concerns are overshadowed when a food critic is found dead at Grayson’s craft brewery, pinned under a barrel. Curiouser and curiouser—the victim is linked to Grayson’s past as a private investigator, and all the evidence points to him as the killer. While Grayson lays low, Sadie starts some investigating of her own, diving down a rabbit hole of suspects. Was it a bad review that made the killer mad as a hatter? Or are there other motives at play?

In between serving Kiss of the Cider Woman cocktails and book-minded bites to festival goers, Sadie is striving to clear Grayson’s name. But it’ll take more than a dash of ingenuity to prevent the festival from fizzing out completely—and stop a killer from downing another innocent life . . .
I really love this series and am sad this will be the last book.  

The characters are well developed and I love the whole setting of Shady Creek, with its shops around the green, the local busybody, inclusion of children, Sadies friends and fellow shop owners. It made me want to live there and walk the green just like Sadie does. 

The romance between Sadie and Grayson is heading in the right direction and Sadie’s mum finally got to meet him and see she has a happy life in Shady Creek even if there has been a few murders.

The mystery is interesting and well plotted, and I kept guessing and second-guessing myself on whodunnit right to the very end.  I did not figure it out till the reveal and was a bit surprised.  

I recommend this book to all my cozy lover friends.

I requested and received an advance reader copy of this book from Kensington Books and the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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