Aug 2, 2020

Dread and Butter By Chelsea Thomas

Hello my cozy friends,

Today I am reviewing “
Dread and Butter“ book 9 in the ”Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery” series by Chelsea Thomas. I love spending time in Pine Grove, NY.
The body was found face down in a loaf of bread. 

Chelsea has always been scared of too many carbs. But this is worse than she ever imagined. Bread is too delicious to be used as a weapon. Especially Miss May's fluffy sour dough.

Good detectives follow every clue.

This time, those clues include a mysterious note, a fallen toupee and a literal trail of bread crumbs. But will Miss May, Chelsea and Teeny be able to find the killer while the crime is still fresh? Or will the clues get so stale they’re too tough to chew?

Pine Grove jail serves pretty good food.

Still, no one should spend a night there unless they’re guilty. So it’s up to the girls to catch the killer before an innocent person gets pinned for the crime.
I enjoyed this book even more than the previous ones, the characters are well-developed and we continue to learn a little bit more about each of them. My favourites are still Teeny, auntie May and Chelsea.  We still seem to have a love triangle with Germany and Wayne wanting Chelsea’s affection.

The mystery has so many twists and red hearings that you are kept guessing until the very end. I continue to enjoy this cozy mystery series. I find them to be entertaining and the plot moves at a steady pace that keeps you engaged.  
Also Steve the dog has been digging hole's for Chelsea and KP to look at, what is the reason for this...

I can’t wait for the next instalment The Smoking Bun” to come out!

I highly recommend this book/series. It can easily stand alone but I recommend you read the series from the beginning.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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  1. I always enjoy books by Chelsea Thomas! Have you, also, read 'A Knead to Kill'? I agree you can read them separately but why not get the great feeling of watching the writer grow with the series? ps, great review!


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