Jun 15, 2015

Stampin’ Up! Paper Trimmer with Rotary Blade & Additions

Hello my crafty peeps!
A friend had a customer who was having trouble cutting with her new blade, so while researching for her I watched lots of videos and read up on the Stampin’ Up! Paper Trimmer and it’s helpful accessories.  Below is a video.

Even though I am a Demo, I had not purchased one yet since I had 2 perfectly good trimmers.  But after researching I have found I WANT one!  
Guess what is part of my June 3rd order (insert a happy face) but it is for my mum!!  I will wait just a few more months then purchase.
The trimmer is specially designed to make stable and straight cuts. Full 12″ cut or score. 1 cutting and 1 scoring blade. Extra-wide, 6-1/4″ cutting base for most projects; 14-1/2″ extendable ruler for large projects. Ruler and grid protected by durable plastic cover. Point on cutting handle for precise measuring. Right-side grid for cutting thin strips.

Stampin' Trimmer  #126889  Price:37.00

Stampin’ Trimmer Scoring Blades  #126996  Price: $6.50
Set of 2 blades. Use with Stampin’ Trimmer for precision cutting.
Stampin' Trimmer scoring blades
I also suggest you order extra blades to have on hand which you can store in the back compartment of the Paper Cutter.  (I have been on a few weekend crops where I needed a new blade)
This way you will have your extra blades and scoring blades whenever you need them!
Stampin’ Trimmer Cutting Blades  #126995  Price: $7.50
– Set of 2 blades. Use with Stampin’ Trimmer for precision cutting.
Stampin' Trimmer cutting blades
With an easy switch to the rotary track, and a twist of your cutting mat, transform your Stampin’ Trimmer into a rotary cutter!  Perfect for a variety of cuts, including decorative edges. 
Stampin' Trimmer Rotary Addition  #129407  Price: $16.00

* Track and rotary handle
* Straight-edge blade in safety cartridge
Decorative blades sold separatelyPaper Cutter Rotary Blade

Small Scallop Stampin' Trimmer Rotary Cutting Blade     #129410  Price: $5.00
If you have any questions about Stampin’ Up! products; please leave a comment and I’ll post information all about it for you and others who many have those same questions…
Enjoy ordering my new favorite paper cutter and accessories 24/7 by clicking on any of the images below!

Hugs, Karen
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